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Redesigning corporate website for optimal usability


The corporate website aims to educate and inform users on what Neurotrend does and gain leads for potential clients and partners.

In July 2019, Neurotrend launched a new version of their corporate website with the aim of the site enabling potential clients to understand the research services they provided as well as an avenue to generate leads.


However, after using the website, I identified pain points in the navigation and messaging of information which led to frustration as well as inability to understand the services provided by Neurotrend.

Thus, as a marketing associate of the company, I initiated and executed the redesigning of the website (both web and mobile).


The Problem

Through a usability test across 5 users, the following problems were identified:

Firstly, users brought up the issue of navigation as the naming of the pages were not clear and information was placed in pages which did not sync with what the user expected to receive. This led to a confusing navigation for the users.

Next, the due to the niche and complex nature of Neurotrend's services, the content was not easily comprehendable to the users. Resulting in the website's inability to meet one of its keep objectives - to educate and inform users on Neurotrend's services.


Lastly, as a business, one of the main purposes of a corportate website is to attract potential clients. Neurotrend's previous strategy included inserting several 'click-bait' buttons, such as a "Free Trial" buttons, which led users back to the 'Contact Us' page. This caused frustration in the users as the call to action did not sync with outcome received by the users. 

Hence, based on the identified pain points, the following solutions were created.

The Central Navigation consists of the key features Neurotrend wanted to display on the site​ to inform the users and potential clients and partners on the services they provide and achievements accomplished. As the central navigation bar is locked at the top of the screen across all pages, it provides users an easy way to move between pages. In addition, an Anchor Menu was also included to reduce the amount of time required to scroll on the page especially for pages with large amounts of information.

Following that, to tackling the messaging issue to help potential clients and partners understand the services offered, two pages were created - Services and Projects. The Services Page aimed to provide a concise way for users to understand the types of services offered through categorising them into 5 overarching themes - Communications, Packaging, Usability, Branding, and Environmental Research, and hence providing bite sized information on these services. The Projects Page aimed to give users an overview of the clients and projects Neurotrend has conducted through answering 3 main points - the Type of Research conducted, Objective of Research and Methodology of Research.

Lastly, to generate leads for the company without fooling the customers, a 'Get in Touch' button was added at the Home Page as well as the footer of every page moving forward. This button led users to the Contact Us Page for them to enquire about Neurotrend's services for potential partnerships. This change of text in the call to action helped to reduce the user's frustration as they knew what to expect when they click on it. On top of that, in the Enquiry Form, an additional question field was included to help Neurotrend screen the types of inquiries received from potential clients and partners.


1. Navigation


Central Navigation which consists of Neurotrend's key features


Anchor Menu which scrolls to the specific sections on the page



2. Messaging


Services Page to provide details on all the services Neurotrend offers


Projects Page to provide a comprehension run-down of previous projects conducted by Neurotrend


3. Generating Leads


'Get In Touch'​ Button located at the Home Page as well as Footer of the website

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 2.07.19 AM.png

Enquiry Form to include the specific services the user wants to inquire about