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Creating an app based on data

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Based on the dataset "Cervical Screening Centre", HER Health aims to educate and provide efficacy information for individuals to take action against cervical cancer.

As part of the Mobile Interaction Module, we were tasked with creating an app based on datasets. Hence, the dataset I decided to use was the "Cervical Screening Centre" dataset from datat.gov.sg to create a health app that acts as a cervical health companion for women aged 20 - 29.

This dataset is crucial due to the sudden spike in cervical cancer cases in Singapore as well as cervical screening and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine being the pivotal preventive measures against cervical cancer.


According to The Straits Times, the Singapore Cancer Registry reported that between 2011 and 2015, more than 200 cases of cervical cancer were diagnosed each year. Cervical cancer was the cause of 70 deaths per year in Singapore. Most cervical cancer cases are caused by a disease called Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is extremely common worldwide and can be transmitted through skin contact including genital contact. Among them are HPV 16 and 18 types which cause 70% of cervical cancer and pre-cancerous lesions.

In order to combat cervical cancer effectively, both cervical screenings and HPV vaccinations come hand-in-hand. Therefore, HER Health, aims to educate and provide efficacy information for individuals to take action against cervical cancer.


User Insights

Through interviewing and actively working with 4 participants, the following insights were gained to increase adoption of the HPV Vaccine and screening.

Some motivating factors include having subsidies and friends by their side will encourage them to go for cervical cancer related preventive treatments. Furthermore, having a more personal feel to the app is important to the users.

Hindering factors include the lack of urgency which stems from the lack of knowledge on the issue.

In addition, one issue that individuals who have been vaccinated brought up was keeping track of their vaccination dates. As the HPV vaccine requires individuals go have 3 separate injections with varying lengths inbetween each session, it can be difficult and confusing to remember, especially when the individual has a busy schedule.

Therefore, based on the insights, the following solutions or features were ideated.

Usability Testing & Heuristic Evaluation

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  1. Participant continuously clicked parts of the screen except the “OK” button which caused delay in her navigation through the app

  2. Include tags to show the users what they were have filtered to further improve clarity and visibility on the app

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Recognise, Diagnose & Recover from Errors


  1. All participants had issues completing the form and did not understand why they could not continue to the submit their application

  2. Thus a warning notification should pop up when users did not fill in an appropriate answer in the question to inform them which question needs reworking


Recognition rather than Recall


  1. Some participants had difficulty remembering the referral code they got when they were applying for an appointment

Through several iterations of Usability Tests and Heuristic Evaluations, the prototype was edited to solve the user's problems.

For first-time users, an Introduction Guide will appear when the user opens the app to provide them with a run-down of the app's key features and capabilities. Users have 2 user flows, they can either swipe through the entire introduction or click the "Let's Get Started" button at the bottom of the screen which leads them to the Home Page directly.


When the user lands on the Home Page, the user will be greeted by a HER Health companion as according to to user research, target users want the app to feel more personal. Hence, angling the app to act as a cervical health companion for users. Next, the home page also links users to the scheduled appointments they have set. It allows users to check the details of the appointment [Links to Appointment Page]. Following that, there is a Topics of the Day feature which aims to encourage users to read about some interesting tips as well as make it more convenient for users to view tips [Links to Health Tips Page].

In order to be updated on the latest health tips and upcoming appointments, the Notifications Page acts as a hub for updates and information.

As mentioned in the User Insights, participants mentioned that subsidies and having friends by their side are motivating factors that will encourage them to go for cervical cancer related preventive treatments. Hence, the Profile Page has 2 main features, Tracking and Referral System, that are split into 3 distinct sections:

  1. QR Code and User Details
    The QR code acts as a digital fingerprint for users and is used for the referral process


  2. Tracking System
    Records the user’s cervical health journey and gives users a visual understanding of their cervical health journey.
    It also allows users to mentality prepare for the journey ahead.
    When users have completed one part of their journey the colour of the circles will change colour indicating that it has been completed.


  3. Referral System
    Based on user research, target users mentioned that subsidies and having friends by their side are motivating factors that will encourage them to go for cervical cancer related preventive treatments.
    Thus, the referral system provides users with a shareable referral code upon gaining 3 other members through referring them to the app.
    Users and their friends book cervical screening or HPV vaccination sessions and receive a discount for their appointments with the referral code gained.

Next, to ensure that an action can be conducted with the efficacy information gathered by users, HER Health has a built in Appointment Booking function to allow users book cervical screenings and HPV vaccinations. By default, the Appointments Page will list all the available clinics and hospitals that provide such services. As a first-time user, the user will receive a guide on the features to ensure the on-boarding process is seamless. Users will also be able to filter the list of available clinics and hospital by the Type of Appointment - Cervical Screening or HPV Vaccination as well as Location. After which they choose a clinic or hospital and register an appointment accordingly.

Lastly, based on the interview data, majority of participants had limited to some knowledge of cervical cancer which has led to the lack of urgency it being more proactive in taking measures against cervical cancer. Hence, HER Health seeks to educate its audience on crucial information on cervical cancer to ensure that the target audience is not being misinformed to enable them to make the best decision against cervical cancer. Upon landing on the Health Tips Page, the user will be greeted by a list of health tip articles where they can filter by theme tags and search for exact articles.

For further in-depth analysis, view the full report



Introduction Guide for first-time users


Profile Page including the Tracking and Referral System


Home Page with customised greeting

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Appointment Page for booking purposes


Notification Page for updates

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Health Tips Page to educate the users



4. PROFILE - Referral Code.png

Profile Page including the Tracking and Referral System


Health Tips Page to educate users on cervical cancer


Appointment Booking Page to make an informed decision