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The LumiNUS app plays an integral role in every NUS student's life with the aim of providing a one stop portal for a student's educational needs.

The new NUS student portal, officially implemented at the beginning of AY19/20, was introduced as a replacement for the old student portal, IVLE and as such, many of IVLE’s old functions have been brought over to this new platform. LumiNUS provide functions such as downloading lecture and tutorial materials, submitting assignments as well as receiving announcements from lecturers.


The Problem

Many students did not voluntarily use the LumiNUS iOS app to refer to their study material while on-the-go due to the poor navigation within the app. We generated this finding after running a survey which showed 65.4% of the users having navigational issues on the app.

Hence, based on the hypothesis, our team came up with the following solutions.

The navigation bars consist of the most important features of the app to enable users to navigate to these frequently used features easily. The features were chosen based on our team's further user research into identifying the students' motivations for using the LumiNUS app. Based on our findings, the students deemed the following features to be most important:

  1.   Viewing announcements

  2.   Checking modules details

  3.   Downloading files

  4.   Checking deadlines and exam schedules

  5.   Interacting on forums

With these priorities in mind, our team structured the app based on the student's needs to ensure that our design solution solves the navigation problem:

Central Navigation Bar

  • Home: Announcements and Modules​

  • Downloads: Files for download

  • Time Table: Schedule for deadlines and exam dates

  • Profile

Navigation Bar within each module

  • Announcements​

  • Files

  • Forum

  • Multimedia

In addition to restructuring the site map, we also included a "Back" button enabling students to navigation between current and previous pages more conveniently. This was a major factor which hindered smooth navigation, especially for the iOS version of the app.

With reference to the user research results conducted, there were features which were considered as important to the students that were not available on the LumiNUS app such as:

  1.   Viewing announcements 

  2.   Checking deadlines and exam schedules

  3.   Interacting on forums

Thus, our team decided to include the following new features which would meet the students' needs.

The Announcement feature was rated one of the most important functions on the LumiNUS app, resulting our team to include it into the Home Page of the app. The feature consists of a compilation of announcements from all the modules the student is taking that semester in chronological order.

Next, based on user research, students like to do their readings as well as read their lecture and tutorial notes on-the-go. Hence, this feature enables users to download files on their mobile app so that they can do their readings while on public transport.

Lastly, the current LumiNUS app lists out the upcoming classes, deadlines and exam dates the user has in the upcoming week. However, many users do not know that it exists because the UI is not visible. Thus, the calendar function acts as a clear way to display these elements allowing for better visibility and clearer understanding.

For further in-depth analysis, view the full report



Too many options in the menu - majority of them were not useful to the users


Lack of Page Title to inform the user on the page they are currently on


No 'back' button function which enables users to go back to the previous page



Central Navigation for most important features


Top Navigation for features within modules for Page Title visibility and easy navigation


Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 7.19.41 PM.png

Inclusion of Announcements in the Home Page

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 7.43.51 PM.png

File Download Feature enabling users to download files on their mobile app

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 7.19.59 PM.png

Calendar Feature to note the upcoming classes, deadlines and exam dates